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Simulation #3 Pediatric: Massive Hemorrhage Protocol Activation

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*The session met the stated learning objectives.
Objective 1. Demonstrate how to transfuse blood products and administer medications including tranexamic acid and calcium on a per kg basis.
Objective 2. Organize and initiate a timely patient transfer procedure to a tertiary care pediatric center.
Objective 3. Recognize and treat key complications (hyperkalemia and hypothermia).
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Overall course content:
The course was well organized and well designed.
The course was an important component of my professional development.
I will use the information I learned in my practice.
The course enhanced my understanding of how to handle a massive hemorrhage situation.
The course was free of commercial bias.
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The simulation exercise:
The video(s) contributed to the learning of this course.
The simulated scenarios were relevant to my practice.
There was adequate time for discussion.
The quality of the facilitation/teaching contributed to my learning during this course.
Adequate resources for further learning were provided.
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The instructor/course facilitator:
The instructor provided information clearly and effectively.
The instructor provided useful feedback on my performance.
Additional comments related to the instructor:
Please indicate which CanMEDS/CanMEDS-FM roles you felt were addressed during this session? (A required question for physicians only)
Additional comments and/or suggestions for course improvements are welcome.
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